Rumor Has It Apple's iPhone 6 Comes in Two Sizes

The only thing remotely surprising about that fact we're already hearing rumors about Apple's iPhone 6 is that there isn't yet chatter about the iPhone 7 and beyond. There's a consumer obsession with Apple products and what the Cupertino firm will come out with next, and the latest rumors point to the iPhone 6 being offered in two different sizes. This is similar to the speculation we heard about the iPhone 5 prior to its release, which debuted with a bigger display and various color options (iPhone 5C), including gold (iPhone 5S).

Considering an iPhone 6 launch won't take place for probably at least another 8 months, we wouldn't bet the farm on these rumors, though at the same time, the sources speaking up have a pretty good track record when it comes to this stuff. That said, apparently some chatty Foxcon insiders let it be known that Apple is planning to offer the iPhone 6 with two different screen sizes, one measuring 4.7 inches and the other at 5.7-inches.

Apple Store

Every iPhone model up through the iPhone 4S came with a 3.5-inch display. Apple finally bumped up the display to 4 inches with the launch of the iPhone 5, so making another jump in size in size to 4.7-inches with the iPhone 6 seems suspect to us. If Apple's interested in offering a larger size iPhone to compete with bigger Android devices, it seems more likely Apple would stick with a 4-inch model and that the second SKU would be either 4.7 inches or 5.7 inches. For the sake of comparison, Samsung's Galaxy S4 sports a 5-inch display and the Galaxy Note 3 wields a 5.7-inch touchscreen panel.

In addition to screen sizes, the Foxconn worker also said the next iPhone models will feature "biometrics" of some sort.