Rumor: Google To Load Android On Set-Top Boxes In Bid For Your Living Room (Again)

Google is undeterred; after brilliantly failing to wedge itself into our living rooms with Google TV (though it’s made modest inroads with the Chromecast dongle), the company is rumored to be mounting another effort by partnering with other companies to put out set-top boxes loaded with Android.

According to CNET’s sources, at least one of the devices will run on the NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip, although Intel-based boxes are also expected.

Android TV

Presumably, this Android set-top box offers some sort of gaming features along with TV and movie streaming. It only makes sense; in addition to the presence of the Tegra 4 chip, Amazon’s Fire TV box is definitely geared toward gaming, and there have been several Android-based game consoles floating around (most notably Ouya). Why wouldn’t Google at least attempt to one-up them all?

We’ll find out more about Google’s plans for our living rooms this week at its I/O conference.