Rumor: Apple TV Sets to Commence Production as Early as May

If you’re tired of catching word about a new Apple TV, getting your dander up about it, and then realizing it’s only a new version of that black hockey puck-looking device Apple sells instead of an actual Apple-branded TV set, there may be respite coming to you soon.

According to a report from Apple Insider, an actual Apple TV set may be headed for production as early as May, with a release date late this year (read: in time for Christmas). Citing Jefferies analyst Peter Misek as a source, the article notes that specialized components including “polarized films, filters, and IGZO components” are being shipped in small quantities to Apple’s Asian partners.

Image credit: Apple Insider

Misek was quoted as saying that he saw "early production evidence of iTV" (or whatever it will be called), and that he thinks Apple will build an initial run of 2-5 million units.

An Apple-branded television--or one from any tech company with its own unified media platform, such as Google--makes a lot of sense. It actually seems rather odd that it took so long for Internet-connected TVs to emerge, and adding TVs to a company’s line of phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops is the next logical step for an industry clamoring for consumers’ minds (well, eyes) and hearts...and dollars.
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