Rovio Teases Its Dark Side, Hints at Star Wars Themed Angry Birds

Rovio may have learned how to wield the Force. According to the company's Angry Birds Tumblr page, a Star Wars tie-in to the highly popular game is in the works and will be unveiled on Monday in Times Square, New York. Whether that entails a new game remains to be seen, but whatever it is, it appears those PO'd birds are going with the Dark Side.

"Welcome to the Angry Birds Tumblr page. Over the next few weeks we’ll have behind-the-scenes content, animations, comics, and much, much more. But what will this all be about exactly?! Here’s a clue…," Rovio teases on the page.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Underneath the picture, Rovio writes: "Times Square, New York, October 8th, 10am EST. HINT: Head to Toys R US at 8am EST!" That doesn't leave much to decipher, though according to Rovio's Twitter page, this is going to be the "next big thing."

If it does turn out to be a Star Wars themed game, the timing is interesting, considering Rovio just recently launched its Bad Piggies spinoff, which took all of three hours to become the top-selling app in Apple's App Store.