Romney Presidential Transition Website Accidentally Appears Online

The campaign team for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney prepared a transition website in the event he won the election. We know this because the site accidentally went live for a short period of time, and though it was quickly taken down, there are no mulligans on the Internet.

Taegan D. Goddard, founder of political website Political Wire, seized the opportunity and nabbed a handful of screenshots of the Romney website before it was taken offline. On the main page is a tagline that says, "Smaller, Simpler, Smarter. Believe in America," along with a quote emphasizing Romney's excitement and mission to put people in America back to work.

Romney Website

"President-elect Romney is working closely with his transition team to put together his administration to ensure a smooth transfer of power on January 20th, 2013 and get to work for the American people," one of the webpages stated.

While it would appear that Romney was putting the cart before the horse, this type of thing is standard practice, in politics, in sports, you name it. Celebration websites for losing candidates usually never get posted (save for incidents like this one), and the losing team in championship games sends celebratory apparel to Africa.

In this case, Romney's website was reportedly produced by Blue Host, a web hosting company located in Utah.