Roll-up Laptops On The Horizon?

Now this is just too cool for words but also pretty far off in space.  Roll-up keyboards have been around for a while but these folks are taking it one step further.

"Roll-up laptop displays and keyboards for more portable computing are just two of the proposed applications for a new "shape shifting" technology for solid structures developed at Cambridge University.

According to Keith Seffen, an engineering lecturer at the university, "morphing" structures can be used to produce more flexible configurations for hard materials like metals without using complex parts or manufacturing processes.

A specific area of interest is improving the portability of computer technology and to this end the team has mocked up an A5-sized flat display screen which can lock into the shape of a tube so it can be placed in a briefcase or pocket."

Let see them pull that off for the 30" wide screen Dell displays we have around the labs here...