Roller Coaster Tycoon World to Launch in 2015, Will Be Free of Microtransactions

To say that Roller Coaster Tycoon fans have been waiting a good long time for the next proper PC release would be an understatement. In fact, this October will mark ten years since RCT 3 was released. Fortunately, this painful wait is soon to be over, as Atari has announced that the series' next iteration, Roller Coaster Tycoon World, will be released in "early 2015".

The RCT series has a hugely loyal fanbase, so developer Pipeworks Software's challenge in delivering just what fans crave is enormous. It seems like it's up to the task, though, as the trailer opens with a rather hopeful message: "The best things in life are worth waiting for." Hmm, I think I just shivered.

There are a couple of reasons fans should get excited here, outside of the obvious. First, this is a dedicated PC release - we're not going to be winding up with a dumbed-down console-suitable port here. Second, there are going to be no micro-payments, which is something I'm particularly thankful to see. Micropayments have steered me clear of games I would have otherwise loved, so it's a big relief to see that the developer here seems to "get" what PC gamers, and RCT fans, want.

According to GameSpot, RCT World is going to cater to both those who like to play solo, and those who prefer teamwork. With up to three friends, you can put forth your collaberative efforts and build one incredible park. If you're solo, you'll still have the ability to visit other people's creations to gain ideas, or simply take in what their creativity (and skill) resulted in.

That's about all we know about RCT World so far, but we're sure to learn a lot more as we near the end of the year. At least, I'd hope so - the brief glimpse at the park in the shot above is not enough!