Roger Ebert "Hates" 3D And Thinks You Should As Well

3D has become quite the hot button topic around the world, with many viewing it as a scam and many saying that it's the best thing since widescreen. There's no doubt that cinemas have enjoyed charging more for tickets and making loads of money from the hits of 2009 and 2010, but we have never been convinced that the general public is really buying into 3D. We suspect that 3D HDTV sales will be a great sign of the real 3D reaction, but until then, there's one critic we're paying particular attention to: Roger Ebert.

That name alone means a lot to anyone familiar with film. His critiques are valued above all others, and his words reverberate across the industry. So when Roger penned a piece entitled "Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)," our ears perked up. A lot of what Roger says in the rant mirrors our own feelings about 3D, and regardless of your stance, it's a pretty insightful piece to read.

He says that he isn't opposed to having 3D as an option, but forcing it to be "the only way" hurts film. Serious filmmakers cannot reasonably make 3D versions of dramas and such, yet marketing companies are demanding more and more 3D as a way to charge more for tickets and bring home more bacon. All told, Roger details nine points as to why he dislikes 3D, and we agree with at least portions of all of them.

Give it a look and think for yourself: are you happy wtih the 3D overload? Are you "so over it?"
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