Rockstar Games Releases Grand Theft Auto V Screens Shots, Eye Candy

Rockstar has become a complete force in the gaming industry, producing one hit after another and continually pushing the envelope in terms of gameplay and graphics. But when it comes to Rockstar's star title, there's really no arguing: Grand Theft Auto has become a classic in so many ways. Spanning the gamut from iOS devices to top-tier home consoles, GTA has become a staple of the industry. So, it's with great pleasure to see Rockstar teasing us here at Christmastime with a smattering of new screenshots from the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

Without question, these shots show the most detailed, intricate GTA game ever, with flesh tones and dynamic details popping like never before. And then, of course, there's a shark. Will you be able to swim with sharks in GTAV? Steal the shark and ride it to paradise? With GTA, you never really know...

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