Rockstar Games Adds New Weapons and Items to Grand Theft Auto V

One of these days, we're going to post an article declaring that Grand Theft Auto V is finally available for PC. Unfortunately today is not that day. However, Rockstar Games isn't just sitting around idle -- we've seen a handful of game patches released in the last few months, and there's yet another available that adds some new items and fixes a bunch of bugs.

GTAV title update 1.11 adds new clothing to the clothes store, new tattoo options, four new hairstyles (two male and two female), some new masks, green and purple tire smoke colors, new vehicles (Grotti Turismo R, Dinka Jester, Albany Alpha, and Buckingham Vestra), new weapons (heavy pistol and special carbine), and three celebrations (dock, knuckle crunch, and air thrusting).


The update also stomps out a bunch of bugs. For example, the update fixes an issue where it was possible to waste a nitrous boost in a Race while on foot, and another where it was possible to repeatedly kill enemies in Missions without completing the Mission.

This is just a small sampling of the changes introduced with the latest patch, most of which are bug fixes. Now, about that PC port, we're still waiting, Rockstar!