Rockchip RK2918 Chip Powers Android 4.0 Processor

Rockchip isn't a name like Qualcomm or Intel, but their in a lot of the lesser-known products that hit lower price points. The Chinese company is here at CES 2012 to reveal the new RK2918 chip for Google's Android 4.0 Operating System, and announce the pending arrival of their eHome Cloud Solution as well. The chip will be featured in a number of upcoming slates with Android 4.0. As for the eHome Cloud Solution, Rockchip says the technology will be compatible with Android 2.3 initially, and will update to 4.0 in February 2012. This will allow users to wirelessly sync tablets and smartphones with all computers in their family network, exchanging resources, sharing and even playing. Someone's in the kitchen trying to make a cake and you don't feel like going downstairs? Show them how it's done by connecting your tablet to the kitchen computer or their smartphone, sending directions, photos, even video.

The RK2918 chip that drives the eHome Cloud Solution was modeled after the RK2818 chip. A part of the RK27XX series, eHome has aptly been recognized as the most innovative of the series. What's craziest about the entire announcement, however, is the notion that "Rockchip is quickly closing the gap with Apple technologies." That's a bold statement to make, and honestly, we're pretty sure it's inaccurate. But hey, more power to 'em...

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