ROCCAT Reveals Its Very First Mechanical Keyboard: Ryos

There was once a time when mechanical keyboards were the exception, not the rule. But as more gamers have started to clamor over them, and more mainstream typists enjoy the feel, it seems as if quite a few more companies are reaching out into the mechanical waters. ROCCAT is debuting its first-ever mechanical keyboard this week, dubbed Ryos. It is the first gaming keyboard ever that features per-key lighting and up to two 32-bit ARM cortex processors. The keyboard can display key functions, macros and even health or mana bars thanks to this technology. The included SDK makes what's possible limited only by the player's imagination, and players will also find 2MB of internal Flash. Moreover, it comes with up to four different CHERRY MX key switches (black, brown, red, and blue).

The company's also using CES to launch Power-Grid, which converts a smartphone into a fully customizable remote control for the PC. Users can set up different grids to control, for example custom settings for Windows, Skype, Media Player or games. The app provides pre-set grids for several games, but it also  lets users set up their own grids that fit their individual needs. And not only does the Power-Grid control the PC – it works in reverse as well. The app can provide the user with additional information on his smartphone touchscreen. For instance, maps or high scores can be displayed. The user can call up the central news feeds from different hardware and gaming sites via the now standard integrated Media-Grid.

Pricing information remains a mystery, but the new gear should ship to the U.S. market very soon.