Robotics Merit Badge Gets Real: Geeks Unite!

It's not often that you hear of the Boy Scouts of America making the tech news wires. So why now? Simple: a new merit badge. That new badge just so happens to be called "Robotics," and it's easily one of hippest things to happen to BSA in some time. The Scouts currently offer over 120 badges, but the newest is the most geek-friendly of all. The Robotics badge is aimed to promote science, technology, engineering and math, and after a year or so of putting the badge criteria together, Scouts can now seek to earn it.

Officials are expecting over 10,000 Scouts to earn the badge in the next year, and the badge will require them to "design and build a robot while learning about robot movement, sensors and programming." Even video game controllers can be considered Robotics, which leads to us thinking that DIY/hacking is probably a great way to get this badge. You know things are going the way of the nerd once the Boy Scouts devote a merit badge to it. Power to the hackers!
Tags:  Gaming, robotics