Robocular 3D Scanner Aims For User-Friendly Experience

More and more 3D scanners are emerging to complement the many 3D printers on the market, and Robocular is hoping its 3D scanner will appeal to the masses. The company is raising funds on Kickstarter so it can basically just scale up production; the money will go toward acquiring injection molds and bulk quantities of components.

The Robocular 3D Scanner is aiming at that sweet spot in any market that balances high-enough quality with low-enough cost. It’s designed to let users pop in an object, hit “scan”, and get a full-color 3D model that you can 3D print yourself or share with others with no fuss and no muss.

Robocular 3D scanner

The turntable offers 4,000 steps per revolution, and the average scan will have a total of 2-3 million points. The green laser can capture details at 150 microns, and it can scan at multiple angles.

There are actually two Robocular 3D scanner models, a standard version and a mini version. The standard offers an enclosed scanning volume of 9x9 inches (diameter x height), while the smaller one is 7x7 inches.

Robocular 3D Scanner

If this looks like a project you’d like to jump in on, you can hit up the Kickstarter page here. Robocular is looking to raise $180,000, and it has 58 days left in its campaign. There’s no firm pricing yet, but the ideal seems to be in the several hundred dollar range.