Rivet Networks xTend Tech Transforms Your PC Into A Gaming-Optimized Wi-Fi AP And Switch

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Rivet Networks is serving up a fresh take on its Killer Networking with a new hardware and software solution called xTend. With xTend, you will in essence be able to provide additional coverage for your wireless and wired networking devices without the need for an additional network switch or Wi-Fi extender.

So how does it work? Well, you’ll need a high-end motherboard that includes at least three Killer E2500 NICs in addition to a Killer AC1535 Wi-Fi module, which acts as a Wi-Fi extender. You will then be able to connect your networked devices with a cable (1 GBps) or wirelessly (866 Mbps) to your PC. Your PC can be connected to your existing router either wirelessly or via a single wired connection.

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Rivet reckons that its solution allows you to have few cables feeding back to your wireless router and helps cut down on the costs of additional networking devices like dedicated Wi-Fi extenders. All of this xTend networking handiwork is controlled via the Killer Control Center. If you choose, you can even configure xTend to connect to three separate broadband networks simultaneously.

“Gaming PCs are powerful devices and perfect platforms for providing our customers a better home networking experience. Incorporating the functionality of a network switch and Wi-Fi extender into a PC instantly provides better network performance without the pain of buying and setting up separate equipment,” said Michael Cubbage, Rivet Networks CEO. “Our partners demand the very best network performance for their customers, and we are pumped to be bringing Killer xTend to market with them.”

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The first motherboards to launch with xTend support include the MSI Z270 Godlike Gaming and Gigabyte’s AORUS Gaming Series. What do you guys think? Is having your gaming rig running 24-7 to enable extended access to your home network overkill?