RIM to Take On Competitors With TV Box

Blackberry developer Research In Motion is reportedly working on a media box that connects to televisions and streams content from Netflix, Youtube, and other nearby media devices.

The box, which is code-named the Blackberry Cyclone, is intended to compete with similar products from Apple, Google, and others.

The specs for the box, which come from an unnamed source, include HDMI-out, wi-fi connectivity with the ability to interact with other devices on a network, and streaming content from Youtube and Netflix with "more to come."

The device supposedly looks like a larger version of the Blackberry Presenter, a BlackBerry smartphone accessory that allows users present Microsoft PowerPoint slides wirelessly from their phones.

If such a device is in the works, it is a questionable move for RIM; the company has been struggling as of late and has faced sharp criticism from analysts and investors. An attempt to put out a product in a relatively small and largely unsuccessful market against competitors like Apple TV, Google TV, Roku and the Boxee Box may not be a wise decision.

RIM has, however, found success in the BlackBerry marketplace, so the company has at least gotten a little good news.