RIM Teases BlackBerry 6 Operating System With Promo Video

Earlier in the week, RIM introduced two (or three, if you count the second version of the Pearl 3G) new BlackBerry smartphones, but the operating system on those won't be the latest for long. At the company's WES show in Florida, BlackBerry 6 was introduced, proving that 2010 really is the year of the revamped smartphone OS. This year alone we've seen Windows Phone 7 launch, iPhone OS 4 teased and Android 2.1 take over their space. Now, RIM is making sure it keeps up by giving the world a sneak peek (and little else) of the upcoming OS.

All existing BlackBerry handsets that are shipping now ship with BB OS 5. That operating system has been out for awhile now, and is beginning to show its age. BlackBerry 6 hopes to make up for lost time, introducing some of the cutting-edge features that are already well publicized on the other systems we mentioned. RIM is still keeping most of the details private, using WES as a buzz machine to get people talking. Some of the forthcoming additions include an on-screen keyboard, threaded messaging, native Facebook/Twitter access, a revised Web browser and an all-around more elegant presentation.

You're probably better off watching the teaser video below to get a really good idea of what's to come, and if the company stays on track, BlackBerry 6 will begin shipping next quarter.