RIM Shows Off 4.2" BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Smartphone

Is the world ready for a new BlackBerry? More accurately, can RIM force the world to wait much longer? The smartphone game has changed dramatically, and while RIM's user base is still millions strong, it's offering up a smartphone platform that isn't as strong as iOS and Android in many ways. And the market is responding. RIM has announced that it is taking its time to get the next phase of its company right, but today we were granted the first major look at RIM's future. The device shown here is the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Unit. It's not a phone destined to ship as-is to consumers, but instead, it'll be used for eager developers to build for BlackBerry OS' future.

The handset looks pretty similar. Intel's dev phone looks a lot like this, and truthfully, most every slate-style smartphone released in past few years looks at least somewhat like this phone. As for specifications? There's a 4.2" screen with a 1280x768 resolution, 16GB of internal storage space, 1GB of RAM and a super sleek body. RIM has affirmed that BlackBerry 10 phones will in fact ship with keyboards in time, but it's obvious where RIM's head is: slate-style. That's the movement of the segment, and these days, a good virtual keyboard works perfectly well.

There's no word on when these units will hit the hands of developers, but it's obvious that RIM's serious about getting back in the smartphone game. Would you buy a phone that looks like this? Willing to give RIM another shot once this launches?