RIM Ready To Launch BlackBerry Music Service?

Music services have been beat like a drum over the past few years, so is there really room or another? RIM seems to believe so, as it has just announced its new Blackberry Music Service.

According to CNET's sources, RIM is "in talks with the four largest record companies about launching a new music service to run on top of BlackBerry Messenger, the company's instant-messenger service." The deal is already inked with one of those top 4 labels, and "at least" another 2 are within range. If the ink dries fast enough, the service could launch next week.

It's a solid gesture, but it's hardly what RIM needs to be focusing on, as the company has bigger issues. Namely, BlackBerry needs a new OS to compete with iOS and Android. BlackBerry OS has simply fallen too far behind at this point, and waving a stale music service idea around in the consumer face isn't likely to do much good.
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