RIM Intros Music Gateway Accessory For BlackBerry Music Streaming

RIM's still in turnaround mode, yes, but they have to create products in the meantime. With BlackBerry World kicking off this week in Orlando, the first doodad out of the gate is the new Music Gateway. It's a small, powerful product that streams audio over Bluetooth, while also pairing with NFC for some remote control action. It's a device made for use with your car and at home, enabling you to send music from your BlackBerry to existing speakers. It'll sell for just $50, and it slated to ship in June. As for the NFC bit, it'll turn your phone into a remote if there's NFC within (like on the Bold 9700 or Curve 9630).

That's about it for the dongle, but hey, it's $50. Hopefully RIM has more in store for us in the days ahead...
Tags:  BlackBerry, RIM, NFC