RIM Giving Away PlayBook Tablets With Enterprise Server v.5 Purchase

Well, this is strange. In a year that saw HP sell whatever TouchPad tablets were left for just $99, RIM is also seemingly trying to think of creative ways to get rid of their leftover BlackBerry PlayBook slates. In a world ruled by the iPad, the PlayBook never really stood a chance. It was engineered to only truly work well with BlackBerry users, which is a pretty small population globally. It also shipped without a true e-mail client; a huge no-no when launching a tablet against the iPad.

Now, enterprise buyers who grab a copy of BlackBerry Enterprise Server v.5 will get a 16GB PlayBook for nothing. Free. Zilch. You'll need to buy a copy before 12/31 to take advantage, but who knows -- maybe if no one takes advantage, you'll get two slates for buying a copy next year.