Ricoh Gives CX3 Point And Shoot A Touch Of Low Light Magic

Ricoh generally only drops by to introduce a few new camera bodies each year, so whenever they do, we can't help but stop and pay attention. The newest point and shoot from the company is not only a real looker, but one that could be a promising performer. The CX3 is the latest unit in the growing CX lineup, and while it's small in stature, it has a few features that are currently unheard of in a camera this small.

Designed to fit into just about any pocket yet provide pro-level characteristics, the CX3 has a new 10MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor that should deliver a new level of detail to low-light photography. Generally, low-light kills point and shoot cameras. They simply can't handle the stresses of not having enough natural light, but this new technology could help to change all of that. The solution is borrowed from the more advanced GR Digital III, and while specifics are not given, we are led to believe that this magic can help the camera shoot in far darker settings that the prior CX cameras.

There's also a 1280x720 movie mode, a "scene auto mode" which identifies the image subject and automatically selects the most appropriate scene mode and a pretty wild sounding "dynamic range double shot mode," which allowed the camera to take two images with different exposures almost simultaneously, then combines the best exposed parts of each image into a final recorded version. Let's see your current pocket camera do that! The highly capable cam is expected to ship Down Under for AU$499 later this month, but there's no word on when it will be made available elsewhere on the planet (nor for how much).