RIAA Loses Another Case

RIAA Loses Another Case

The good news is: The RIAA lawyers have lost another round in federal court, and they weren't even picking on dead people or grandmothers this time:

"A federal judge has dismissed Elektra v. Santangelo with prejudice, leaving the door open for defendant Patti Santangelo to recover attorneys' fees from the RIAA. Last month, Judge Colleen McMahon denied the RIAA's motion to dismiss the case without prejudice, ruling that the case should either be dismissed with prejudice or proceed to trial so that Santangelo could have a shot at being exonerated of the RIAA's accusations of file-sharing and copyright infringement."

The bad news is: Just because Patti Santangelo can file to get some of her expenses back, she'll probably end up having to fight an uphill battle for it.

Though the article continues to mention that the current legal strategy of recording industry might end up costing more than they'd anticipated, the bottom line is that anyone they get into court is losing time and legal fees which they could very well never see again. It seems the RIAA is going for a scorched earth tactic here; if they can't win, they'll punish the "victor" as much as possible.

There might be a life lesson here, and it might just be that if you're trying to accuse somebody of doing something illegal and/or immoral, don't be a poor loser if a federal judge won't convict; it takes away almost any moral high ground you might once have held.

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