Retrotastic Super Mario Bros. Watch Priced At Brick-Breaking $18,950

Hardcore Nintendo fans will soon be able to slap a piece of nostalgia on their wrist, one that will remind them of an era long before social media brought out everyone's sensitive side. It's a Super Mario Bros. timepiece, made by luxury watch maker Romain Jerome, which isn't shying away from the famous plumber's affinity for taking mushrooms to induce strange effects.

The three-dimensional scene captured on the watch face has Super Mario in mid air, legs kicked out and arms pumped in familiar fashion, as he no doubt chases the mushroom on the lower third of the scene. A cloud and bush complete the background, and all the elements are properly pixelated, just as they were when Super Mario Bros. popularized the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

Here's a closeup of the watch face:

Super Maro Bros. Watch Closeup

Take a moment to appreciate the level of detail. In particular, check out the lines in the ground, which accurately reflect the block surface that appeared in so many levels. Only here Romain Jerome adds a brushed accent, along with "Super Mario Bros." and "Swiss Made" etched into the stony landscape.

Super Mario Bros Watch Full

Even the dial is a throwback to pixelated gaming; it was designed with a three-layer technique to give it a look that blends in with the old-school theme.

This isn't Romain Jerome's first retro-themed watch for nostalgic gamers. The company also carries Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Tetris watches. Like those, the Super Mario Bros. watch comes in a fancy case measuring 46mm wide.

Super Mario Watch Jump

Had Facebook and Twitter been around when Super Mario Bros. came out alongside the NES, there may have been an uproar over perceived veiled drug references (simply touching a flower induces a state of flame throwing capabilities), racism (that Italian accent), and sexism (why is the princess always in need of saving?). Thankfully they were, and Super Mario Bros. is one of the most popular and certainly enduring video games of all time.

It's only fitting that a timeless classic be captured on a timepiece, though not a lot of them are being made. Just 85, in fact, priced at $18,950 a pop. Better start pounding those bricks for coins.