Retro, Coin-Op Wi-Fi Emerges

Here's an idea that brings back memories of coin-operated kiosks of one sort of another that you used to see in booths in restaurants - and still do in retro-style ones - a coin-operated wi-fi kiosk.

First, you’ve got to dig deep and slot some coins into it, after which the kiosk will print out a ticket that details your temporary Internet access account details. You then use this information to gain web access through whatever enabled gadget you like, whether it be an Eee PC or an iPhone.

Of course, once your time has elapsed then the connection automatically ends. At which point, you’ll have to trot back over to the kiosk and feed it some more cash. Unfortunately, the machine doesn’t appear to accept notes or card payments.

Shoot, since it's connected to the Internet, you'd think you could PayPal some extra cash into it, wouldn't you?
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