Researchers Develop Cyborg Modified ‘Roboroach’ Radio Controlled Cockroaches, Skynet Is Coming

Have you ever wanted to be in possession of your very own cyborg roach? Well, let's be honest: Of course you have. Well, those dreams can now become a reality thanks to "Roboroach", a Kickstarter project that's become a retail product.

Roboroach's goal is to teach people about neurotechnologies, and it comes to us in the form of a super-small 4.4 gram PCB. That PCB is to be affixed to the backside of a roach, and the process from there seems a little tedious: You'll need to latch on a couple of electrodes to the bug's antennas. Once installed, you'll be able to control the roach for a couple of minutes - after those couple of minutes, the bug will adapt, and the Roboroach will no longer work.

Clearly, Roboroach isn't for anyone. I'll be honest and say that I want nothing to do with any roach, whether I can control it or not. If a gross bug doesn't faze you, but you find yourself concerned about harming a living thing, don't fret: It's seemingly non-destructive. After the roach adapts, it'll "forget" what it's adapted to after 20 minutes. At that point, you're free to reconnect the kit and have a second go.

Roboroach and the bug it connects to are both small, but one thing that isn't is the product's price-tag: $100. You're going to have to be really dedicated to cyborg bugs to plunk down on this.

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