Research Firm Expects 2 Million 4K Ultra HD PC Monitor Shipments in 2014

The transition from Full HD 1080 to 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) is happening perhaps a bit more quickly than anyone anticipated. Usually there's a standoff between hardware makers and content creators -- chicken or the egg syndrome -- but in this case, both seem to be in sync. As a result, NPD DisplaySearch expects there will be two million 4K desktop monitor shipments in 2014.

What makes that figure even more impressive is that the overall desktop monitor market is expected to decline. Part of the reason 4K monitors will defy the market as a whole is because of falling production costs leading to drops in average selling prices (ASPs). While there won't be much reason for existing Full HD 1080p monitor owners to purchase another 1080p display, they might be tempted to pick up a 4K panel.

Asus PQ321
Unlike like some cheaper 4K monitors that use TN panels, the Asus PQ321 (reviewed here) uses an IGZO panel

"Increased 4K-class monitor shipment volume will depend on how far and how fast ASPs decline," said Hidetoshi Himuro, director of PC and IT research at NPD DisplaySearch. "Although manufacturers hope toraise prices for 4K-enabled monitors, price competition has already begun."

For the most part, users will have just a few different sizes to choose from in the 4K category, including 23.8-inch, 28-inch, and 31.5-inch monitors. The other downside is that the lower cost 4K displays flooding the market currently use TN panels with low refresh rates.