Report: USB 3.0-enabled Device Shipments to Top 80 Million in 2011

While Intel and AMD pussyfoot around implementing SuperSpeed USB 3.0 chips onto their motherboards, the parts and accessories industry isn't sitting around with their thumbs in uncomfortable places. Companies like NEC and VIA have stepped in to fill the temporary void with USB 3.0 chips that board makers can slap on new motherboards, and the electronics industry has responded by releasing a flurry of USB 3.0-enabled devices in a short period.

According to In-Stat, there will be nearly 80 million SuperSpeed USB 3.0-enabled devices in the wild by the end of 2011, and that's just the beginning. Look for smartphones to play a big role in pushing the SuperSpeed specification going forward.

Image Credit: EverythingUSB

"Mobile phones are a key driver for USB overall, and will play a role in the adoption of SuperSpeed USB," says Brian O’Rourke, Research Director. "In 2010, USB was found internally in over 1.2 billion mobile phones, with high-speed USB dominating. In addition, the number of USB ports in phones increased to over 100 million units. The first SuperSpeed USB phones won't hit the market until late 2013, but they will be accompanied by a new SuperSpeed connector for phones that will succeed the current micro-USB port found in today's phones."

In case you were curious, there were more than 3.5 billion USB devices shipped in 2010, and suffice to say, High-Speed USB 2.0 is still the most popular USB interface with over three quarters of USB device shipments.