Report: Microsoft's "Threshold" Coming In 2015 As Windows 9

Whatever you think about Windows 8.1, good or bad or what have you, we can all agree that the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system has not gone at all how the company hoped. Microsoft appears ready to move beyond it, in any case, with its “Threshold” initiative designed to further unify Microsoft’s OS ecosystem.

There’s an update to Windows 8.1 coming this year, and Microsoft will surely let the world in on its plans for the next generation of Windows at the BUILD conference in April, but the current scuttlebutt is that Threshold will launch in April 2015, and it will be called “Windows 9”.

Microsoft Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1

Perhaps all that seems obvious, but it’s possible that Threshold/Windows 9 may not be a completely re-thought OS as much as a heavy evolution of Windows 8.1. Thus, the name perhaps indicates a psychological break from Windows 8.1 (for both consumers and Microsoft itself) as much as anything else.

And that’s perfectly acceptable. For the true haters of Windows 8.1, anything less than a nuking will be insufficient, but those who simply aren’t particularly enamored of the new OS have to admit that there are positive qualities and some good ideas there that could be expanded upon to create the next great operating system. Given the lessons learned from Windows 8 and so many months to develop, it’s a good bet that Windows 9 will be more of a success than its immediate predecessor.