Report: iPad 3 Coming in 3-4 Months

Although it’s not terribly unexpected, it’s nice to hear that the iPad 3 will likely be available in 3-4 months, according to a Digitimes report.

Digitimes cited sources in the supply chain that have indicated that OEMs have received parts and components to make Apple’s next-gen iPad. At the same time, shipments of iPad 2 components are being reduced.

iPad 2 production should remain plenty robust at 14-15 million units in Q4 2011, but it should dwindle to 4-5 million early next year. Production on the iPad 3 appears to be on track for January, and roughly 9.5-9.8 million of them are expected to roll off the assembly line in Q1 2012.

Of course, this is all speculation based on a number of reports from various sources, but all signs point to a new iPad coming soon--just the thing to chase away the post-holiday blues for those planning to snag one.
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