Report: Apple Opens Secret OLED Display Skunkworks In Taiwan

In its ongoing quest to build increasingly thinner and lighter devices, Apple seems to have taken ownership of a facility in Taiwan that's tasked with making OLED panels and researching new display technologies. It's apparently a hush-hush operation, as employees in and around the plant won't talk about the site or what they're up to.

Apple is attracted to OLED technology because they're slimmer than traditional LCDs and don't require a backlight, which makes them more energy efficient. They're also bright, making them solid candidates for mobile devices like iPhones and iPads where portability and battery life are two of the most important traits.

iPhone 6

For whatever reason, Apple doesn't seem interested in talking about or even acknowledging the facility. Shrouded in mystery, the facility sits between a forest and a site for a new biotechnology factory, according to Bloomberg, which has been investigating the secret facility. There's no branding on the outside to indicate it's an Apple lab, and the only Apple logo in somewhat plain sight is on the wall behind the receptionist.

Neither the receptionist nor the guards that sit outside will reveal anything about the plant or what goes on inside. The same goes for employees wearing Apple tags who sometimes step outside for a smoke break.

Despite Apple's tight-lipped policy, various records show the company's involvement. For example, there are records indicating that Apple moved into the building in April. Prior to that, Qualcomm had been using it to produce panels dating back to 2008.

You can also find job listings on LinkedIn from Apple in search of engineers to work at its display panel sites.