Remembering Road Rash, Road Redemption Kickstarts For Classic Motorcycle Arcade Combat

Remember Road Rash, the game where you zipped around on a motorcycle and fought other riders with kicks, punches, bats, chains, and the like? A gang of industry veterans formed DarkSeas Games and is developing a reboot of that sort of title with a game called “Road Redemption”. They say that a Road Rash-type game hasn’t existed anywhere for a decade, and they figure it’s high time somebody rectified that situation.

Road Redemption looks smooth and cool, and the realtime footage on the group’s Kickstarter page shows off what it can do. You can fight with hammers, ninja swords, chains, bats, pipes, clubs, shotguns, rifles, uzis, and so on; or, you can employ the good old-fashioned kick-a-guy-into-a-passing-semi trick.

Road Redemption

The game will offer online multiplayer capabilities, and users can form biker gangs and fight other groups. Another interesting angle is that you start the game as a recruit into a biker gang and have to work your way up the ranks. Locales include desert roads and congested cities, and there’s a variety of mission types, including combat races, police escapes, assassin, convoy assault, and more.

You can offer a suggestion for the game, and if they use it, the team will credit you (even if you don’t end up backing them on Kickstarter). After the game launches, DarkSeas Games will release Road Redemption’s “source code, art assets, and project files” so the community can use Road Redemption as a template for how to make a similar game, or improve upon it.

Road Redemption

Road Redemption is being built using Unity 4 game engine, and it will available on Macs, PCs, and Linux systems, with the possibility of console ports and Oculus Rift integration down the road.

If you want in on the ground floor, bang the Kickstarter page. They’re looking to raise $160,000, and so far they’ve reached almost $22,000.