Control Debugging Tool Unearths Tasty Game Tricks, Possible Future DLC

control combat
When it comes to modern games, debugging tools are a necessity as developers attempt to test certain aspects of their game, try out new functionality before it goes live for gamers, and fix any outstanding bugs. YouTuber ManFightDragon used a bit of detective work to sneak around in the debugging tools used for Remedy Entertainment's action adventure game Control.

We've already gone into great detail about Control and its third-person gameplay, but it appears that Remedy has some more tricks up its sleeve as detailed by ManFightDragon's sleuthing. In his video below, there's a rather spiffy-looking wireframe mode along with a free-look camera. 

Another interesting nugget gleaned from the debug tool is the ability to transport to any level in the game on command. Towards the end of the video, ManFightDragon also found references to some rather mundane missions, but the one that stood out in particular was entitled "St01_MM_04_Marshall_START_Plus_PS4_SM15_Dlc".

There are two things of note; the first of which is the DLC at the end of the filename. That most definitely seems like a reference to upcoming DLC that will be available for the game. The second piece of information is the name Marshall towards the beginning of the filename. This could be in reference to the in-game character Helen Marshall.

Could Helen Marshall be a primary focus of this alleged DLC release? If not, it could be an extension of the Marshall mission which you can see referenced below:

Of course, these are all just rumors at this point, and since they were found in the debugging tool, there's no guarantee that they will even show up in "shipping" form for Control players. For those that don't know much about Control or its absolutely fantastic GeForce RTX ray traced graphics, we suggest that you take a look at our deep dive into the game.

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