Relive All Of Your Embarrassing Late Night Browsing Sessions With Google Search History Download Feature

Sometimes it's better to leave certain things alone -- just ask Pandora, who couldn't refrain from opening that damn box (or jar, if you want to get technical). Curiosity always tends to get the better of us in the end, and if you're curious about what terms you've searched for on Google throughout the years, there's a tool available that will help you find out.

It turns out that Google's been testing a download feature for your search history. That feature appears to now be available to everyone with a Google account. To access yours, just go to Google Web History and sign in when prompted. The bottom half of the screen should show your search history, along with metrics at the top for certain search trends, such as hourly and daily search activity.

Google Search

You can also download your search history to your desktop. While you're at the above mentioned website, click on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner, select Download, and click Create Archive. When the download finishes, you'll receive an email with a link to the data, which ends up being securely saved to the Takeout folder in Google Drive.

Be advised that downloading your search history doesn't delete it. In addition, Google warns against downloading past searches on public computers, and also advise protecting your account with 2-Step Verification.

If nothing else, head over and check out your extensive search history for a sobering reminder that nothing you do on the Internet is truly private.