reddit Acquires App Start-Up Alien Blue Heralding Its First Mobile App For iOS

If you're familiar with reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet," there's a good chance you've at least heard of Alien Blue, the best third-party client for iOS users to browse reddit's daily content with. Wait, did we say "third-party" client? As of now, that's old news -- reddit went out and acquired Alien Blue, which is now an official reddit app!

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, though reddit did state in a blog post that it's bringing Alien Blue's sole developer and former owner, Jason Morrissey, on board in an official capacity. Prior to the buyout, Morrissey had been collaborating with reddit for the past several years.

Alien Blue

"G'day folks! I'm Jase, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining the very talented reddit crew. I'm the developer of Alien Blue and have been working closely with reddit for many years now. I'm an iOS developer by profession, but I adore building software on any device or machine that I can get my hands on," Morrissey said in a statement. "I'm almost always lurking on /r/PCGaming, /r/Games and of course, /r/AlienBlue. Now that I'm an official member of the team, I'm hoping to spend even more time doing what I love - building fun and powerful software for all of you."

There's no need to worry about reddit being overzealous with its first iOS client, there are only two minor changes to be aware of. The first is the new icon (shown above) and the second is the pricing structure. Previously, you had to pony up $4 for the iPad version. However, reddit's offering it for free while it works on integrating it with the iPhone app and into a universal piece of software. And to celebrate the acquisition, reddit is offering the Alien Blue Pro upgrade free to everyone for one week.

You can grab Alien Blue here.