Redbox Renews Agreement with Universal, Keeps Blu-rays and DVDs on 28-Day Delay

Redbox did something with Universal that it wasn't able to do with Warner Bros., and that's hammer out a multi-year agreement that will continue to make Universal DVDs and Blu-ray discs available for rental nationwide 28 days following their home release. The 28-day window has become somewhat of a standard between movie studios and new age DVD rental services like Redbox and Netflix.

"The multi-year agreement between Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Redbox represents a win for consumers, Universal and Redbox," said Galen Smith, senior vice president, Redbox. "Redbox is committed to forging relationships that provide our consumers with affordable and timely access to new release content."

Redbox's renewed deal with Universal extends their relationship  through at least August 2014 and gives Redbox a bit of peace of mind over how it's going to obtain movies. At the end of January, Redbox walked away from negotiations with Warner Bros. to renew their deal after WB tried to insist on extending the 28-day window to 56 days.

"Redbox will continue to provide our consumers with affordable access to new release movies from all major studios including Warner Brothers at our more than 28,000 locations nationwide. We will work to provide Warner Brothers’ movies through alternative means. Redbox maintains direct working relationships with every other major studio," Gary Cohen, senior vice president of marketing and customer experience at Redbox, said at the time.

By not accepting a 56-day window from Warner Bros. and opting to cut ties, Redbox sent a clear message to other studios that it's willing to play hardball, if necessary.