Redbox Instant Movie Streaming Service Launched and Live

A new streaming movie service is in town: Redbox. That’s right, Coinstar, the company behind those red movie boxes in front of pharmacies everywhere, has teamed up with Verizon to create an online movie streaming service. The new Redbox Instant is tied to the brick and mortar (well, metal and plastic) boxes, so signing up for the service can also net you a few free DVDs from your local box each month.

Redbox Instant Online

Some movies are available via the new Redbox Instant subscription, but others you'll need to pick up at the ol' Redbox.

If you already use Amazon Prime or Netflix, you’ll find that there’s some significant overlap. Redbox Instant’s catalog of 4,600 movies is made up of Epix and Warner Bros titles, among others. Amazon and Netflix already boast many of those same movies. Like Amazon, some of the Redbox Instant movies will be available to rent or buy. Other movies are ready to stream instantly as part of the subscription plan, which is about $8 or$9.

The service has been a long time in the making, but was only announced last December. At the moment, you can get Redbox Instant by downloading an app for your Apple iOS or Google Android device, or you can pick up a new Samsung TV. Some Samsung Blu-ray players also support it, as does the Xbox 360.