RealNetworks Launches ‘Listen’ Ringback Tone App To Entertain Your Callers As They Wait For You To Pickup

Don't call it a... ringback? The tones that were frequently played back on dumbphones never really found their way into the smartphone realm, but that's changing. RealNetworks has announced plans to launch a "Listen" app for iPhone, Android, and mobile web in order to give callers the ability to pipe music to the ears of the folks that they're calling. In other words, it allows them to dictate how the ring sounds on the other end.

It's still a multi-billion dollar business on the dumbphone front, and RealNetworks is hoping to capture some of that momentum on the smartphone front as well. The app is expected to launch in the United Kingdom later this month, with a U.S. release slated for next year. You'll be able to select individiual songs for different people, and change them up as much as you like. Pricing for that hasn't been announced, however.

But here's the thing: after living for years with the standard tone, are you even remotely excited about the chance to change that up? (And if you do, make sure to choose the tone wisely for your boss.)