Real Life Fallout 4 Flaming Sword Positively Roasts Our Cold Hearts

shishkebab 2
You didn’t think that we’d forgotten about Fallout 4 already, did you? Of course not! The game was released earlier this week to great fanfare, but today we talking about wicked gameplay in Fallout 4’s digital wasteland — instead, some rather inventive folks sought out to recreate one of the game’s most terrifying weapons. And shockingly, they succeeded with absolutely amazing results.

Caleb Kraft from the Make Magazine Web series Controlled Chasos enlisted the help of Platinumfungi to build a real life “shishkebab,” which is in essence a flaming sword. I mean, who wouldn’t love to slice and dice up their enemies while roasting their giblets at the same time?

shishkebab 1

The duo attempted to stay as close to the concept art for the weapon as possible, but some concessions had to be made. It was determined that the fuel canister design used in the game couldn’t be feasibly reproduced, the “piping also didn’t make any sense,” and there were some changes made to the ignition system.

Regardless of the deviations from the original design, the end result includes a katana that has a butane canister and brake lever from a motorcycle attached to it. Throw in some copper piping, a lot of TLC, paint and plenty of frivolous add-ons to make it look like the digital version and you have an absolute work of art.

For those that would like a detailed walkthrough of how the shishkebab was created, the team thankfully put together a five-day video diary showcases the build process and even shows you how to make a Pip-Boy prop in less than an hour. If you’re a Fallout fan, or just simply a pyro at heart, be sure to check out all of the videos in the series at the source link below.