Rdio Reveals Dedesigned Music Player And Enhances Discovery Options

In case you haven't been paying attention to what's trending, here's a tip: music streaming services are gaining major traction. Google just launched one of their own, Apple is still reportedly in talks with labels across the globe, and the other guys -- Spotify, Rhapsody, MOG, etc. -- seem to be investing heavily in user experience. Rdio is the latest to provide a free update to users, introducing this week new eatures to personalize your music exploration and give you more control over the music you’re listening to, as you’re listening to it. Some of the new details?

New listeners will immediately be greeted by fellow Rdio friends (based on connected Twitter and Facebook accounts), influencers, and the tunes they love when they first sign up. Just like in the updated iOS and Android apps, current listeners can view a curated list of recommended friends alongside hand-picked artists and influencers to follow, and Rdio is debuting one of its most-requested features: when playing an artist station, song station, or AutoPlay, just roll over the tracklist to vote on current and upcoming songs. Each time you click, Rdio learns more about your tastes.

Taking any of these new digs for a spin? Let us know how you like them in comments.
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