Rdio Offers Free Web Streaming

Ah, you gotta love some healthy industry competition; consumers always win. Today’s win is brought to you by online music service Rdio, which now offers free Web streaming.

The music streaming market has plenty of players, and with the recent arrival of Spotify to the U.S., it makes sense for Rdio to elbow for more room by rolling out something like this. The new plan allows users to stream Rdio’s ample catalog for free--up to a point. It’s unclear exactly how much streaming you get for free; there’s a green “Free Music” meter at the top of your dashboard that gives you a visual clue as to how much of your allotted data you have left.

The meter seems to tick down fairly quickly; it’s not like you only get a few songs, but we’d be curious to see how many workdays’ worth of music one can stream before the meter runs out.

If you want to do away with the Free Music meter, you can also opt for an unlimited Web streaming plan for $4.99 per month; unlimited Web streaming plus unlimited mobile streaming for $9.99 per month; or the Unlimited Family plan, which offers unlimited streaming for two subscribers for $17.99 per month (or three users for $22.99 monthly).
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