Razer’s Fiercely Pink Hello Kitty Streaming Gear Will Make Your Twitch Viewers Rawr

hero razer hello kitty collection
You may not realize it—especially if you're an American, and younger than about 25—but Hello Kitty is a cultural force to be reckoned with. The image of the feline toddler has appeared on virtually every kind of product to date, including wallpaper, jewelry, firearms, computer parts, automobiles, adult novelties, and in at least one case, a jumbo jet, just to name a few. There's a Hello Kitty-themed maternity hospital, a chain of Hello Kitty cafés, and several theme parks too.

Hello Kitty, as a brand, is owned by the Sanrio Company. Sanrio has a whole pile of cute mascot characters, including Badtz-maru, Keroppi, Chococat, Cinnamoroll, Aggretsuko, and a dozen others. None of the newer characters have reached the heights of fame of the original Hello Kitty, though. That's probably why Ms. Kitty herself is at the forefront of Sanrio's latest venture: a partnership with Razer to release the "Hello Kitty and Friends Capsule Collection."

Comprising four items, the limited-run collection is mostly fabricated in a palette that would make Lisa Frank envious. Pepto-Bismol pink, pastel teal, and paper-white are the three primary colors in use, along with plenty of images of Kitty herself.

The star of the show here is the Kitty-emblazoned version of the Razer Iskur X, Razer's premiere gaming chair—at least until the Enki Pro Hypersense hits the market. Certainly the Hello Kitty and Friends Edition of the Iskur is Razer's premiere pink gaming chair, anyway. Aside from the pink-and-white seat cushions covered in stars and rainbows, the HKaF Iskur X also trades Razer's trademark black for a lighter grey color.

razer hello kitty cushion fixed
Razer Hello Kitty Lumbar Cushion. (click to enlarge)

The Hello Kitty version of the Iskur X doesn't have the option for an integrated lumbar support like the regular model, so if that's something you're looking for, make sure you order the matching lumbar cushion. It's a memory foam cushion wrapped in a velvet cover with the silhouette of your favorite feline embroidered onto the surface.

razer hello kitty mouse and mat
Razer DeathAdder Essential and Goliathus Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. (click to enlarge)

Of course, it's not just a chair and a pillow that Razor is painting pink. There's a bundle with a DeathAdder Essential mouse and the company's Goliathus Mouse Mat, both wearing cute Sanrio designs. Razer assures us that the functionality of these products is unaffected, so you should still be more than capable of fragging your fans while rocking charming Kitty designs.

inline hello kitty customize mousepad
Razer Gigantus mouse mat customized with the author's tag.

If you're not specifically into the mouse mat design included with the bundle, Razer also has Hello Kitty-themed options for its Orochi Custom gaming mouse and Gigantus V2 Custom mouse mats. You can pick which design you want on the mat and even have your own gamertag added to it at no extra cost.

razer hello kitty headset
Razer Kraken BT Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. (click to enlarge)

Finally, probably the cutest item from this collection is the Hello Kitty and Friends Edition of the Razer Kraken BT headset. Certainly it's not the first headset we've ever seen—not even the first Razer headset—with cat ears on it. It IS the first one we've ever seen that's an officially-licensed Hello Kitty product, though. The Kraken connects to Bluetooth 5.0 and includes stereo beamforming microphones. It also supports Razer's Chroma RGB synchronization, but we'd be surprised if you set it to anything other than pink or teal.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this Hello Kitty Collection of products is that they're not just egregiously overpriced. The DeathAdder Essential and Goliathus mat bundle will go for $64.99. The Iskur X chair will run you $499, and its matching lumbar cushion will cost you $59.99. Finally, the Hello Kitty version of the Kraken BT headset will cost you $119.99.

All of these products are available at Razer's website, but if you're eager to get your hands on some Hello Kitty hardware, you'd better go fast. The Hello Kitty and Friends collection is a limited run, and it's likely to sell out quickly.