Razer Venom V2 Turns Gamers Into Homicidal Demigods With Mad Skillz

If there's one thing that can be said about Razer, it's that that company truly loves gaming (especially on the PC), and of course its gamer customers that lay down the smack with its products. We began to appreciate that passion from the company way back in 2010, when it introduced a human intravenous gaming solution, simply called Venom. Equipped with gold-plated needles to suit five different vein sizes, Venom helped keep the seriously committed gamer energized for up to four days of continuous gaming glory. Who wouldn't feel the temptation?

Razer Project Venom 2

As true as it is that Razer is committed to helping gamers improve their performance, it's also true that technology never stops evolving. Thus, eight full years after the release of Venom, Razer has apparently dramatically improved its product, resulting in the appropriately named Project Venom 2. As the shot above alludes, we've fortunately moved on from injections to a much simpler intake method. We're not sure how it tastes, but hey, mixed with a Tequila shot or two, you're not going to care much probably. After all, it's meant to be effective! 

Check the results... 

Energy drinks are fine for certain scenarios, but if you really want to hit Beast Mode and stay in that zone, Razer's latest Venom iteration is what you need. As the video above explains, Razer has infused these toxic (in appearance only!) drinks with nanobots which help to make sure your body is working at optimum efficiency. You can think of it as overclocking and modding yourself -- you'll be more alert with heightened reflexes and skills, you'll be able to stay awake for long periods of time. You may even be able to smash the occasional table apparently.

With this release, Razer admits that the original Venom was a bit of a joke, stating this time, "We're serious - the formula is ready". Fair enough. No one ever expects the first iteration of anything to be perfect. But at HotHardware, all we want to know is, is Razer going to be sending out review samples? Bottoms-up - cheers!