Razer Unleashes RGB-Infused Wolverine Ultimate Pro Gaming Controller For Xbox One And PC

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer just lit up the gaming controller scene, and we mean that literally. The company's new Wolverine Ultimate is a "professional-grade" controller built for the Xbox One and PC in the style of an Xbox One controller, with an RGB lighting strip built in and support for Razer's Chroma illumination effects. Users can customize the lighting effects through Razer's Synapse software.

With an RGB light strip inside, users have 16.8 million color options to choose from. They can also play around with various effects that include static, spectrum cycling, breathing, wave, and more. In addition, the Wolverine Ultimate is the first console product to support the Razer Chroma SDK, allowing developers to integrated advanced lighting capabilities for Xbox One titles.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Parts

Beyond fancy lighting effects, Razer took a page from Microsoft with its Xbox One Elite controller and designed the Wolverine Ultimate with interchangeable parts. It comes with a pair D-Pads, along with swappable thumbsticks with different heights and shapes. In total, there are half a dozen remappable triggers and buttons for gamers to personalize the Wolverine Ultimate to their liking.

"We’ve taken our time with the development of the Razer Wolverine Ultimate to really get it right," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. "Thanks to endless design iterations and pro-gamer feedback, we’re proud to be finally releasing a new contender for the crown."

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Back

As is becoming popular, the underside of the controller is home to four paddles, or "multi-function triggers," if you prefer. Gamers can remap these (and other buttons) on-the-fly or with Razer Synapse.

The Wolverine Ultimate has a 3.5mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input. It also features a detachable 10-foot braided fiber cable with micro-USB connector. There is no mention of "wireless" on the product page or press release, so we assume this is a tethered controller, with the detachable cable in play to make it easier to transport and customize. To that end, it also comes with a carrying case.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Top

All of this brings us to the price—Razer's MSRP is set at $170, which is $20 more than the wireless Xbox Elite. It will be available in September and is backed by a 12-month warranty.