Razer Talon Exoskeleton Gaming Device: Only For The Hardcore

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? The NEXT LEVEL? What about the level after that? If so, you're ready for the Razer Talon, a high-precision biomechanical exoskeleton, build specifically for the gamer willing to risk life and limb to come out on top in the deathmatch. It's a world's first, of course, and it's redefining the speed of gaming. Average gamers can accomplish 100 actions-per-minute, while hardcore gamers can reach around 300 APM. But with the Razer Talon, you can easily see that soar to 3000. Easily. You'll be a weapon of destruction by yourself.

"The Razer Talon will start overloading your nerve endings within 2ms of turning on the Talon NerveLoad SysOps module, enabling you to be 'one' with your game, and giving you a greater awareness and enhanced sense. Prepare to be not two, but over ten steps faster than your opponents in-game. Feel the power when your crosshairs are placed on your opponent's head before you even think to zoom in. Experience blistering speed when all of your units are queued before your enemy has even farmed their Vespene. Cast spells faster than Swifty while taking on more PVP opponents in the arenas. Hell, he'll be the one making videos for you next."

It'll ship later in the year for around $1 million. If you're lucky, and if today wasn't today...
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