Razer Opens Technical Research Lab In Austin, Texas

Who says Razer's stuck with just doing speakers, keyboards and mice? The high-end gaming peripheral company is clearly on the move, recently shipping a number of audio-related products and introducing the game-changing Switchblade portable gaming machine at CES 2011. Now, it's clear that innovation won't be just a fluke for the company, as they have just established a new technical research center in the heart of Texas.

The new facility is now open in Austin, the site of SXSW. It'll be called the Razer Austin Technical Research Center, and will bring together some of the most talented technical researchers and designers in the world to Texas. According to the company, this hub will focus on creating new technologies to change the future of gaming and consumer electronics, but beyond that, no secrets are being spilled.

The new technical research center will continue to build on the brand’s gaming philosophy and determination to offer gamers around the world a large variety of cutting-edge gaming peripherals, products and new technologies. Adding to an even larger CTO structure with technology and design labs and offices already in Singapore and San Francisco, Razer plans to create relationships with gaming developers and independent software providers to help define the future direction of hardware technology.

Rick Carini, Lead Technologist at Razer, will spearhead the effort at the new Austin research center, which will include a technology lab where engineers and developers will create new concept vehicles as well as technology demos to help stimulate the market for ground-breaking technologies and ideas. Razer intends to have the lab serve as an incubator of discovery, allowing thoughts, ideas, and brilliance to come together. The center will also serve as a platform for exploring the broader Human Interface design field and developing cutting edge input designs that provide greater gaming immersion and performance.   

 What's really crazy is that this place really may be where Razer invents something to put it on a level with the major players like HP and Dell. According to Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director: "If you were blown away by the Razer Switchblade and its dynamic interface, well then you haven’t seen anything yet. The new research center will provide what we believe to be the future of several innovative technologies around the world. Our purpose is to be real game changers out there."

Those are very bold words, but words that get us extremely excited to see what the future holds now that innovation is a very real focus for the company down in Texas. Could a Razer game console be next? At this point, the sky seems to be the limit.
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