Razer Offers Candid Apology For Blade Laptop Delay, Says "We Suck" At Anticipating And Meeting Demand

The co-founder of Razer didn't mince any words when posting a humble apology to the company's Facebook page for failing to deliver Razer Blade laptops to gamers in a timely manner. Point blank, Min-Liang Tan said that Razer's "been doing a terrible job anticipating and meeting demand" for its products, including the Blade announced in March of this year, which still hasn't arrived in the hands of many gamers who pre-ordered on the day of launch.

"I wish I could claim t hat it's a one off situation and we'll do better the next time -- for the past couple of years, every time we launch a new product, demand just far outstrips the supply," Tan explains.

It's not for lack of trying. Tan says his company has doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled manufacturing capacity. On top of that, Razer has gone back to launching a product in phases based on geography. Case in point, the ultra-thin Blade laptop is only available in the U.S., and the company is still having trouble meeting demand.

Razer Blade

"We suck at this. I suck at this. I apologize to all of you who have had to wait for ages each time we launch a new product," Tan added. "And this isn't the first time I'm apologizing for this, I'm afraid, but I do intend to change the system so that we can launch products better here at Razer and have more happy customers who can get their hands on our products."

While the apology doesn't get pre-ordered Blade laptops into gamers' hands any quicker, it's refreshing to see the company's head honcho taking full responsibility rather than offering up a lame excuse with canned rhetoric. After reading an apology like this, you have to believe that meeting demand is a top priority for the CEO and that things will eventually improve (fingers crossed).