Razer’s Firefly V2 Pro Mouse Pad Arrives For Gamers Who Can’t Get Enough RGB

hero razer firefly v2 pro
Gamers who are obsessed with all the RGB goodness they can possibly include in their battle stations will want to take a gander at Razer’s new Firefly V2 Pro mouse mat. Razer touts the Firefly V2 Pro as being the world’s first LED backlit gaming mouse mat, which comes fully armed with 15 individually customizable lighting zones powered by Razer Chroma RGB.

Having a room fully lit with nothing other than RGB from nearly every device being used is a staple for many gamers. Now, those same gamers can add even more RGB illumination to their gaming setup with Razer’s Firefly V2 Pro. The company says it designed the new mouse mat with hardcore RGB enthusiasts in mind, with a frosted surface that “catches and amplifies the glow of its powerful LED strip.”

razer firefly v2 pro multicolor leds

The Firefly V2 Pro comes packed with 15 Razer Chroma RGB lighting zones, with 16.8 million colors and a plethora of patterns to choose from. As with other Chroma enabled devices, it will also be able to sync with dynamic in-game effects for hundreds of Chroma integrated titles.

The mouse mat will have one USB-C port for powering the mouse mat, or for quickly switching over to charge a wireless mouse. Also on the backside is an integrated USB 2.0 port, providing a dedicated port that works as a passthrough for a mouse dongle.

razer firefly v2 pro beside keyboard

The surface of the Firefly V2 Pro is said to be optimized for optical sensors. Razer says that it will provide the “perfect balance of speed and control, allowing for smooth, quick swipes and ultra-precise tracking.” On the underside of the mouse mat is an anti-slip rubberized base that will keep the mat securely on the desk during “the most intense gaming sessions.”

Razer claims all that RGB lighting will not interfere with a mouse’s optical sensor. The company pointed out that, being it is equipped with a micro-textured surface and optimized for optical sensors, it allows for quick swipes and precise tracking at all times. HotHardware will be receiving one for review in the near future, and we will definitely test this out.

The Razer Firefly V2 Pro mouse mat is available to order on Amazon or the Razer website for $99.99. As of right now, Amazon is showing shipping possibly taking up to 1 to 2 months, but this is likely to change being it is a new listing.