Razer Branches Out From Gamer-Centric Devices

Razer certainly has its work cut out for the company this year. Having built one of the better-known brands for gaming peripherals, Razer is now trying to market itself to people who aren’t necessarily gamers. That said, the company is staying reasonably close to home: its two break-out devices are headphones for music lovers (building from its line of gamer headphones) and a smart bracelet that keeps you updated on incoming messages and feeds.

Razer is promising high quality sound for music lovers with the adero

The Adaro line of headphones and earbuds is Razer’s new non-gaming family. The headphones have similar styling to their gamer siblings but the equipment is designed for high-quality audio, instead of explosions. The line ranges from earbuds to a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Who's texting you during dinner? Turn your wrist and you can see without anyone else getting a look, thanks to the Nabu.

The Razer Nabu on display at CES 2014

Wearable tech is big this year, so it’s not too surprising to see Razer producing its own smart wristband. The wristband can track health information like footsteps and it can grab updates from your phone and display them on its OLED screens. What makes the wristband interesting is that while the top screen displays icons, the screen that sits under your wrist displays your messages and the names of callers. The idea is that the private info is hidden from people around you, and you can discreetly check your messages by turning your wrist.

The Consumer Electronics Show is always loaded with concept designs, and this year is no different. Razer was drawing crowds with its Project Christine, which is a modular PC. The idea is that the user can upgrade components by unplugging the old ones and plugging in new ones. Wondering how that would work? Each component has its own case and plugs into a central tower. Razer is billing it as an easy way for people to customize their PCs with having much tech savvy. You can read our thoughts on Christine here.

Christine, Razer's new modular concept PC
Razer's Project Christine High Performance PC

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