Rattle and Hum: U2 And Apple Working On ‘Non-Piratable’ Music Format

U2’s collaboration goes way beyond the album Apple forced on iPhone users at the launch event. According to a report in TIME, the band and tech company have been working on a project that could give bands a new way to deliver albums to their audiences. Hopefully, this new album format doesn’t involve auto-downloads.

Apple and U2 are developing a new format that will stump pirates and make artwork a bigger deal than it already is.
Itunes already puts album artwork front-and-center. The new album format Apple and U2 are developing is expected to make new uses of album artwork. Image credit: Apple

People involved in the project are stressing that, although this new format is expected to be difficult to pirate, it’s not based on major new technology. Instead, the new format is based on presenting albums in a different way – one tied heavily to the album’s artwork. When it comes to the effect of music piracy and how to handle it, opinions are easy to come by, but a solution that’s fair to all parties has been elusive since digital music downloads hit the Internet. Apple and U2 are giants in the music industry, but whether they have a real fix remains to be seen.